coughing up grey gunk from lungs

Lung Cancer Cough

coughing up grey gunk from lungs

I Have Been Spitting Up Grey Matter From.
If you cough up grey phlegm, it could indicate that your body is trying to expel resins or tars that have been built up, because of excessive smoking.
Okay, I’ve been smoking regularly for 3 years, but only recently I’ve been coughing up phlegm, especially phlegm with brown spots. The spots are about the size of

You know how sometimes you’re not sick but you just, like, inhale wrong and cough a little? When I do that, this hard little grey thing comes up.

coughing up grey gunk from lungs

Hurts When I Cough

Chronic Coughing in Humans

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Coughing up brown spots? – Cannabis.

Answer (1 of 11): Coughing up grey mucus could be a symptom of a whole host of ailments involving the chest. The dark grey appearance usually signals the presence of

Quitting weed, how long to until no.

Coughing Up Grey Phlegm (Sputum) – Home.

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